Exploration of the Moon e.p. (2020)


◆Track Listings
gal-079Exploration of the Moon e.p. (cassette)
Release Date: 07.05.2020 (cassette)
galaxy train: gal-079 800円(税込)
ナンバリング、歌詞カード、CAUCUSシール、galaxy trainシール、ダウンロードコード付

CAUCUS / Exploration of the Moon e.p.

[Side A]

  1. 光る舟 (night version)
  2. Veronica

[Side B]

  1. You and Me Song (The Wannadies Cover)
  2. Lunar Leaper

光る舟 (night version)


galaxy train shop:https://galaxytrain.thebase.in/items/31263727
Bandcamp: https://galaxytrain.bandcamp.com/album/exploration-of-the-moon-e-p
*Due to COVID-19, international orders via Bandcamp is temporarily suspended.



Vocals by Katsuya Yanagawa
Various Electric Guitars by Katsuya Yanagawa and Yuta Ichikawa
All soft and hard synthesizers programmed by Katsuya Yanagawa
All Bass Guitar by Junichiro Kadomoto
All Drums and Percussions by Taisuke Endo
Chorus on “Veronica” and “You and Me Song” by Miki Hirose (in courtesy of… h-shallows / Smokebees / Girl President / with me! / Minor Toast / red go-cart / tonight?)


All Songs by CAUCUS
All Lyrics by Katsuya Yanagawa, except for 光る舟 by Hiroko Kawakami
Recorded at Noise for Understandings
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Katsuya Yanagawa
Produced by Katsuya Yanagawa

Artwork by Kinu Jingu
Designed by Katsuya Yanagawa

Released from galaxy train



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