Sound of the Air (2017)


◆Track Listings
BBRJ018_1Sound of the Air (LP)
LP (1枚組・33回転) ※完全生産限定盤/アナログ盤用マスタリング
Release Date: 11.15.2017 (LP)(Digital)
Babyboom Records: BBRJ-018 3,000円(税込)
DLコード封入* 全9曲 歌詞、対訳、ライナーノーツ付
CAUCUS / Sound of the Air (LP)

[Side A]

  1. Echo
  2. Shy Girl
  3. Sound of the Air
  4. Hello
  5. Hushed
  6. 光る舟

[Side B]

  1. What Have You Done
  2. Circles
  3. We Are
BBRJ019Sound of the Air (CD)
Babyboom Records: BBRJ-019 2,160円(税込)
CAUCUS / Sound of the Air (CD)
  1. Echo
  2. Shy Girl
  3. Someday
  4. Sound of the Air
  5. Hushed
  6. 光る舟 (Hikaru Fune)
  7. What Have You Done
  8. Circles
  9. We Are
  10. Hello
BBRJ-019 税込2,160円


What Have You Done



ここ3年ほど柳川君から、「曲できたんです」「やっとプリプロです」「とうとうレコーディングです」等、たびたび報告を受けていたニューアルバム。サポートしてくれているルミナスオレンジのスタジオでも、柳川君のギターからはアイデアが溢れ出し、楽しさと発見に満ちた録音の様子がうかがえました。CAUCUSの音楽にはいつも不思議な高揚感が宿っていて、聴いたあと身体の重心が3cmほどフワっと持ち上がる感じがするのですが、さらに今作「Sound of the Air」に耳を凝らすと、楽曲に自然に溶け込んでいる実験性や遊び、そのきらめきにも、心奪われること必至です。

- 竹内里恵 (Luminous Orange)



- コバヤシハジメ aka ハジメガネ (BP./スペースカンフーマン/on button down)


It’s sounds really good! The songs remind me a little of Pia Fraus or the great, classic English shoegaze bands. Bravo!

- Dusty Reske (Rocketship)

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 ◆Recording Logs:

2016/11/23: Day1 (Drums)
2016/11/28: Day2 (Guitar)
2016/12/08: Day3 (Guitar)
2016/12/09: Day4 (Vocal)
2016/12/25: Day5 (Drums)
2017/01/16: Day6 (Bass)
2017/01/23: Day7 (Guitar)
2017/01/24: Day8 (Bass)
2017/01/30: Day9 (Guitar)
2017/03/11: Day10 (Synth+Vocal)



All Vocals by Katsuya Yanagawa, except for main Vocals on “光る舟” and Chorus on “Echo” and “Circles” by Hiroko Kawakami
Various Electric and Acoustic Guitars by Katsuya Yanagawa and Tatsuro Kato
All soft and hard synthesizers programmed by Katsuya Yanagawa, additional synthesizers on “What Have You Done” by Junichiro Kadomoto
All Bass Guitar by Junichiro Kadomoto
All Drums and Percussions by Taisuke Endo


All Songs by CAUCUS
All Lyrics by Katsuya Yanagawa, except for 光る舟 by Hiroko Kawakami
Recorded at Tsubame Studio
Recorded and mixed by Yui Kimijima (Tsubame Studio)
Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura (Peace Music)

Artwork by Kinu Jingu
Designed by Atsushi Inada
Linernotes by Izumi Akaishi (A Special Gift To You)
A&R by Kengo Iwamoto

Released on BabyBoom Records



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