IMG_6425ディスクユニオンで配布のシューゲ冊子に参加しました。yngwの一枚はSwirliesの長いタイトルの2nd。Yume Bitsuのauspicious windと迷って、ユメビツをシューゲと呼ぶべきか悩み、こちらに。頭おかしくなる変態名盤です。アルバムじゃなくて、シングルってことならDidn’t Understandにしてたかも。Swirlies最高。公式に全曲オンラインで無料公開されています。
I joined in selecting my best “Shoegazer” album for a free zine published by disk union in Japan. I came up selecting Swirlies’ long titled second album that makes you dance in your head. It was tough to decide between Yume Bitsu / auspicious wind but I wasn’t sure if everyone would agree of me saying Yume Bitsu as Shoegazer. Didn’t Understand maybe the one if I was asked for a single. Swirlies are great.
All the songs of them are officially available online here:



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